Zeal to learn new things comes with parenting

Becoming parents is the happiest feeling on earth. Parenting in itself is a learning institution. It teaches you how to be a good mother as well as a good father. When you have a beautiful responsibility in your arms, that energy and enthusiasm to take care of him are automatically infused. Hence the zeal to learn new things comes with parenting.

During pregnancy

I remember when I was expecting, I had very little knowledge about raising a child. I stayed at my parents’ house for delivery since the fourth month of my pregnancy. My mother used to teach me the basics of parenting. Theoretically, I had grasped everything and it was time for some practical experience.

At delivery

At the time of my delivery, I had undergone very much difficulty. I was sitting on the terrace and all of a sudden my head started spinning. I was all alone and somehow managed to climb down the stairs. My blood pressure had shot up but my brother managed to get me to the hospital. Our daughter Kaira got delivered the next day, 26 days before the time given for delivery. That day I realized that motherhood is not going to be easy.

I was not in my senses for two days post-delivery. Meanwhile, Kaira was looked after my mother and my husband. They were clueless as I couldn’t breastfeed my baby. But its that zeal in them that kept them strong and they learned to spoonfeed formula milk to our daughter.

Spoon feeding

At the time of pregnancy, we researched a lot about things to do when you are expecting, out of curiosity. My husband was not there at the time of delivery, but he knew what to do. When he came on the day Kaira got delivered, he had brought a diaper bag with all the necessary things for the baby and the mother.

Post delivery

When we came back home, the whole house was overjoyed. It was time to take proper care of the little one. The zeal to learn new things rose to a new height. I had undergone major C-Sec surgery and needed some time for recovery. So the responsibility of taking care of Kaira was entirely on my mother and my husband. I am thankful to my husband that he managed to look after both of us. He had sleepless nights changing diapers and giving me pills. My mother had the duty of bathing and massaging the baby.

0 to 1 year

Once I recovered from my surgery, it was time for me to take care of Kaira myself. Breastfeeding was regular and proper. I started massaging her with my mother sitting by my side. Initially, I was a little scared because the baby feels so soft and delicate. Soon, I could manage the job diligently. Later on, I taught the rt to my husband too. Had it not been the zealous nature in us, we would not have achieved the skill.

Next job was to know how to bathe your child. The task was totally new for us but as parents we learned the same.

1-2 years

After Kaira began teething, her oral hygiene became important. Brushing her teeth properly is the next lesson in our learning kit.

And then our doubts about diapers lead us learn about them too.

The list goes on and on. The list may stop someday but our learning s parents will never. Kaira is two years now. We would like to thank the Almighty that he gave us such a beautiful daughter to take care of and raise into a good human being. Many more lessons to come…nd our zeal to learn is still on.