XOXO’s importance in a child’s life

For many of you who are still wondering what XOXO means, well it’s the short form of hugs and kisses. It is generally used in texting. The “X” resembles hugs and “O” looks like kisses, I guess. So now our topic for the day becomes the importance of hugs and kisses in a child’s life.

Human is an emotional being. It needs love and support at every walk of life. Not only humans, even animals understand the language of love. As parents, we should handle this emotional side in children very tactfully. Proper attention and care for them are all that they need. And what better way of showing your love than hugs and kisses. So let’s jump into XOXO’s importance in a child’s life.

Science involved

Scientists believe that when we hug our loved ones, our Oxytocin hormone level goes up and lets us feel loved. It is also known as the Cuddle Hormone.

When should you give XOXO?

To show your love

It can be given anytime of the day. Let your child feel pampered. This helps building a bond between you and the child.

To show you are protective

Every child needs protection. It feels a sense of security for the children. They are happy that someone is always there for them.

When the child is unhappy

A simple hug can let go of all the anxieties your child might be suffering from. Listen to him and soothe him so that he can relax in your arms.

When your child cannot sleep

Sometimes babies find hard times sleeping. A warm hug will definitely work like magic and put your little one to sound sleep.

When your child is scared

Your child needs your support when they are scared of something. Give him a gentle hug and a kiss and listen to all his insecurities and try to solve them.

To share a good news

Share your happiness with the children and let them feel involved.

Benefits of XOXO

  • Sensory stimulation by hugs and kisses develop a healthy brain and thus the child becomes smarter
  • Physical growth in a child is triggered by the release of oxytocin
  • The child shows fewer tantrums
  • Boost in immunity power in a child
  • Reduction in stress levels
  • Help develop emotionally stronger kids
  • Development of a connection with the parents
  • Development of self-confidence in a child

Suggested reading: https://www.parentingforbrain.com/children-hugging/

Final thoughts

XOXO’s importance in a child’s life is a strongly established fact. Your child needs an emotional support system in his early growing years. As parents, it becomes our duty to listen to them and be with them in happy as well as sad times. Tough hugs and kisses may have scientific explanations but the emotional factor can never be ignored. However, a proper balance should be maintained while showing your love and support else your child may get spoiled of over pampering or get lonely due to ignorance.