Weight loss after pregnancy. Is it possible?

We women dream of becoming mothers. We are ready to sacrifice anything for it. Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling but at the same time, it brings many bodily changes. One of the side effects of pregnancy is putting on weight. Postpartum weight gain may vary from individual to individual. Women find it an irrecoverable physical change and most of the time learn to live with it. However, weight loss after pregnancy is totally achievable. In this article, I’ll take you to my journey post-delivery, and share with you all the tips for weight loss based on my experience.

My weight before pregnancy

Life before pregnancy was normal. I was desperate to become a mother. My weight was around 58 kgs. I was not skinny but of normal built. However, I was at the onset of weight gain.

When I conceived with my baby, I was on cloud nine. Being my first time, I had little to no idea about the diet I should follow during pregnancy.

Weight gain during pregnancy

During the period of pregnancy, I had a ball. I was not at all worried about putting on weight. All that I was thinking about was food…lots and lots of food for me and the baby. My body has a tendency to gain weight fast. I had cravings all the time. Slowly as the date of delivery came nearer, I started to bulge up. I had put on a lot of weight. I was nearly 82 kgs. Pregnancy, however, left me many lessons.

Weight loss after pregnancy

It seemed an impossible journey at first. I searched the internet throughout the day. The extra kilos that I had put on were affecting my self-confidence too. But I kept myself busy with my daughter Kaira. I had undergone major C-Sec surgery and therefore weight loss seemed pretty impossible to me.

And then I came across this magical book- “Eat Delete” by Pooja Makhija. You can buy a copy by clicking the picture below.

Weight loss is no rocket science is what I understood. You just have to maintain a calorie deficit for your body. Following are the steps I undertook shed my extra kilos:

  • I took things slowly. I did not think about losing weight till the time Kaira was on breastfeeding. This ensured complete healing of my C-Sec stitches too. Doctors suggest exercise after 6 months of surgery. However, I waited for more than one-year post-pregnancy.
  • I started eating meals at regular intervals. This helped to boost my metabolic rate
  • Diet plays a key role in weight loss. So I kept in mind the same and designed my diet accordingly
  • In due course of time, I started hitting the gym too. If diet plays 80% role in losing weight, exercise compensates for the rest 20%
  • Controlled all my cravings and junk eating
  • I followed the diet diligently and felt really bad if I had to skip it occasionally
  • And shifted to green tea from tea and coffee
  • I totally skipped sugar from my diet
  • Included Chia Seed with lukewarm water instead of lemon water

Before & after

Key to success

Patience is the key to success. In this weight loss journey, you might get disheartened by the slow result. It took a whole 9 months to put on the weight, so do not expect it to shed off in mere months. Stick to whatever plan you have set and you will definitely achieve the results. Good luck with your weight loss journey mommies.