Social & emotional development in a 2-year-old child

I am a mother of a two-year-old daughter, Kaira. Raising her has been a wonderful journey in these years. I have witnessed many changes in her, both physically and emotionally. Let us discuss all such social and emotional development in a child of 2 years old.

As an infant

When Kaira was an infant, she had just two things to do- breastfeed and sleep, sleep, and sleep. We used to wait for her to get up so that we could witness her activities. But that is how infants are meant to be. It is said that the more they sleep the faster they will grow. Some say that they still believe they are in the womb. However, only a mother can feel a connection with the baby. She knows that the baby is emotionally attached to the mother. She can tell this by the way the baby holds nd pulls her while breastfeeding. Why do you think a baby cries in someone else’s arms and not in her mother’s? It is because the baby can recognize her smell.

As the infant starts growing she begins to know her father by touch too. Kaira is very much attached to her father. I am happily jealous of him that Kaira’s first word was not “mumma” but “papa”.

As a toddler

As infants start to sit and move, they begin interacting with the things and people around them. This is where they develop an affinity for toys. They also interact with other kids of their age. Kaira loves playing with her toys.

This is the right age to engage your kids in creativity building activities.

Social & emotional development in a child is the most in this age. You smile at your child and she will smile back. Once we went to a mall and Kaira was in front of this big mirror and she couldn’t stop laughing, looking at herself.

And there were times when while crying she suddenly started laughing. Her face was so adorable to watch then.

And there will be times when your child will start imitating whatever she sees around. Kaira’s favorite song was “Tera Fitoor” when she had just started standing. She used to move her hands as seen on the television.

And then Garbha came and we saw a completely different Kaira. She danced in the group with all the fellow children. And she was very confident and had no hesitation. This is the power of socializing.

Kaira’s emotions have developed further. She now follows instructions. She tries to speak up too and makes noise when very happy. Not only that, she now trows tantrums too. Sometimes she gets angry. Sometimes she is sad. She waves at other kids from the balcony. And she sleeps hugging a soft toy. All she wants is a little attention from us. These are the signs of her emotional and social development.

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