Should you give smartphones to your child?

We cannot think of our lives without smartphones. Period. From the moment we wake up to the time when we go to bed, we are always connected to our phones. Unfortunately we didn’t know about them until recently. On the other side, our children have access to smartphones as soon as they are born. Should you give smartphones to your child at such an early age? Let’s find out all such queries in the article.

Why/ when did we parents give smartphones to our children?

  • Families became nuclear and there was no one to look after our children when we parents got busy
  • Both parents started working so life got busier
  • Internet became cheap and gave access to loads of children’s content, rhymes, songs and the like
  • Smartphones being very handy
  • To help children become smarter before even going to school
  • We all become busy in our own smartphones

Did I give a smartphone to Kaira?

I was never in favor of giving a smartphone to my daughter, Kaira. I believed in taking personal care of her. Being a housewife and a blogger it is easier for me to be with my child all the time. In fact, I have told my husband also to give ample time to Kaira. A father’s role in child upbringing is very important. So generally we avoid giving her smartphone. However, at times when my husband is not home and I am busy cooking or doing household chores, there is no option but to get Kaira busy on phone. Or sometimes when she is reluctant eating then it becomes necessary to divert her mind on the phone.

How to divert kids from smartphones?

  • Give your child quality time rather than getting busy on the phone yourself
  • Involve your child in activity building toys like blocks, lego, play dough, clays, etc.
  • Give picture books for learning
  • Play music (rhymes, movie songs whatever) and encourage your child to dance.
  • Keep the phone away from the reach of the children
  • Musical toys are another good option to keep children busy
  • Take your kids to playgrounds regularly for outdoor activities
  • Most importantly, ask your husband to be with your child both mentally and physically.

So should you give smartphones to your child?

The simple answer is no. However, at times when it becomes necessary and you have no choice, you have to compromise. But remember, this is purely conditional. Say, for example, you are in a restaurant and your child is overenthusiastic seeing the cutlery and tries to make a mess, then you have to give a phone as a pacifier and ask him to sit quietly. Isn’t it what most of us do? What about smartness then? Some people will argue that children are becoming smarter in learning from the smartphone. For instance, my niece knows all the colors and can count from 1 to 100 (imagine!!!) even before going to school. And she learned it all from the smartphone. I have to say, let children grow at their own pace and let the learnings come from parents rather than gadgets. That’s how they will imbibe emotions and know the importance of relations. What do you think? Comment your thoughts below.

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