Role of a father in child upbringing

I know we talk about motherhood all the time. But one cannot ignore the role of a father in child upbringing. Fatherhood is one less talked about topic. A dad is a forgotten hero. It is something, unlike motherhood, that cannot be seen all the time. I will share my personal experience of how my husband became a loving, caring and doting father that helped establish a beautiful bond between him and our daughter Kaira.

Kaira is only two years old. So to make the topic discrete I’ll just talk about my husband’s involvement in the initial growth of our child. Earlier, like most of the fathers, he thought that taking care of infants is a very sophisticated job (which definitely is) and that only a mother can do the job perfectly. He would play with Kaira, make funny faces and sounds all day to get her attention. But when it came to feeding her or giving her a massage or a rather warm bath, he would always turn up to me. And while I did the job, he used to sit beside us and look at what I was doing.

I could understand his hesitation and apprehension. I too had the same when I delivered the child. My mother gave me the courage and taught me all the dos and don’ts of raising a child. And I thought, maybe its time I taught my husband too.

I explained to him the role of a father in child upbringing and asked him if he wants to share the same bond with Kaira like me. Upon his affirmation, I told him to start with a rather easy task- “Start feeding her”. Kaira was never reluctant to eat so the task was accomplished in no time. I could already see that spark in my husband’s eyes.

Next I asked him to give Kaira a good massage before taking a bath. Don’t get me wrong, I was not trying to lay off my responsibilities to him. As a mother I understand that these things will create a bond between the two. To my surprise, he learned all the tricks in no time. See the video below to know for yourself.

Eventually, my husband learned all the duties of a mother. He makes it sure that on his weekly day off he takes care of Kaira (rather than getting busy on phone or laptop). From feeding to giving a massage, to changing her diapers, to giving her a good bath he handles everything with dexterity. He even knows about all the baby products and when and where to use them. I am so proud of him. He himself admits that he has never felt this wonderful ever in his life. And it touches my heart when he says, “Now Kaira knows my smell too”.