Organizing a baby’s wardrobe or closet

A house where a small child lives is always a mess. Not necessarily, if you know how to organize things. In this article, we will learn about organizing a baby’s wardrobe.

Keep in mind 5 S before organizing a baby’s wardrobe

5 S technique is a method used for housekeeping

  • Sorting: Segregate all the clothes and accessories from the wardrobe. Discard the things that you no longer use.
  • Sweeping: After sorting, clean your baby’s wardrobe.
  • Setting in order: Arrange the things in order. Make a separate space for each item.
  • Standardize: Labelling and tagging are good standardization methods
  • Sustain: Follow all the above 4 S diligently

Use baskets

Every wardrobe has shelves. Purchase small baskets that fit into these shelves. Each shelf should accommodate at least 3 baskets. This is a great way to manage space. You can put different clothes in different baskets. Do not forget to label them. The baby wardrobe looks more clean and tidy in this organization.

Use drawer dividers

Do not cluster your drawers in the closet. Throw away unnecessary items. Introduce drawer dividers. These dividers save a lot of storage space. You can store all the accessories, socks, diapers, etc. in the drawers easily.

Use more multi-hangers

Gone are the days of those single hangers. These days cloth hangers come in all shapes and sizes. There are hangers for clothing sets too. You can hang all the baby clothes that she wears when going out.

Use closet seperators

It is a smart way to organize a baby’s wardrobe with big size shelves. Each shelf can be separated into sub-shelves to accommodate and separate stacked clothes.

Use size dividers

Size tags are also available for separating the clothes according to the age of the child. These tags are available in different shapes and designs and are very easy to install. They are more useful when you have more than one child.

Door storage rack

When we have utilized every nook and corner of the wardrobe, why leave the doors. Presenting the very decorative door storage rack. You can use it to store frequently used items and baby’s toys. It adds to the aesthetics of the closet.

Closet dehumidifier and freshener

Do not forget to install a closet dehumidifier and air freshener. This will curtail mold and fungus growth, reduce allergy and remove the musty smell. Every time you take out a cloth from the baby’s wardrobe, you will feel the freshness.

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