Life of a woman before and after becoming a mother

Becoming a mother is the world’s most beautiful feeling. I was blessed with a cute little daughter on 19th January 2018 and we named her Kaira. Kaira was born three years after our marriage. We always wanted a girl child and luckily our prayers were answered. I used to imagine how life would be once I become a mother. This article is a light take on the life of a woman before and after becoming a mother.


I am a “sleepaholic”. I can sleep the whole day. As a girl, I used to get scolded for my love for sleep. After marriage also I lived by my own rules. However, once you become a mother, you become more responsible. After all, you have to take care of the baby all the time. When with a newborn, your sleep pattern changes completely. You never know when the baby will cry for milk ? or will wet the pants. For the former, you can do nothing but wake up. But for the latter, you can use diapers. Can we use diapers all the time?


I am a big-time “shopaholic” too. I have always dreamt of coming out of a shopping mall with many bags in both hands. From clothes to bags to earrings to lipstick ?to accessories and whatnot. After becoming a mother you won’t think about shopping for yourself. When I visit a mall, I’m always looking for kids stores. What dress will look good on Kaira? What matching hairbands and hair clips to buy along? Diapers, sippers, bottles, bibs, baby skin products, rash cream, baby wash, teether, soother, toys…the list goes on and on.


Like any other women, I love to wear makeup. And I have a huge collection of lipstick ?, foundation, eyeliners, nail polishes and all other makeup paraphernalia. Navratri look, Teej look, Puja look– believe me I’ve tried them all. But after becoming a mother my most common look is the ponytail look. I can’t even have my nail extension done as it could hurt the baby. Post-pregnancy weight gain is another demotivating factor.

Bags/ Purses

Our purses get replaced too. Gone are the days when we carried only our mobile phone and minimum makeup kit in our purses. Travelling light is a day of the past. With motherhood comes diaper bags with all sorts of baby products, baby food, diapers, changing mats, wipes, water bottles, rattles and the like.

Nothing like motherhood

Jokes apart, there is no other feeling that can beat motherhood. It is the most important gift of nature. When with your child, you feel complete. Whatever you do for your child, you do it with your heart ❤️. And all the painstaking in raising a child feels worth it when your child smiles at you and says, “Mumma”.

Following is a light-hearted video on the life of a woman before and after becoming a mother. Watch it and enjoy.