Lessons I learned from my pregnancy

Being a mother is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Being a woman, I too had many dreams of motherhood. Expecting with my daughter, Kaira, was a whole lot of experience. There are a few lessons I learned from my pregnancy which I will share in this article.

Its not that easy

As fancy as it may sound but pregnancy is not that easy. A woman’s body is subjected to major physical and hormonal changes. It takes time to adapt to the new version of you. All those cramps, mood swings, and sleeplessness are not easy to handle. And as you start putting on weight and grow a pimple every now and then, the irritation level suddenly rises.

You are hungry all the time

Now that you have to take care of a soul inside you, you always have cravings. And to add to the situation, you’ll always find junk food more attractive. Your diet suddenly doubles.

Putting on weight is inevitable

I know that baby bumps are very cute, but I’m talking about fat here. The number of pounds you put on depends on your body. Before expecting I was 58 kgs and after getting pregnant I was 82 kgs, imagine? So my suggestion to all the ladies out there is to eat but not overeat. Maintaining a proper diet routine really helps. You can consult your dietician to prepare a healthy diet chart for you.

The attachment comes naturally

Not everything about pregnancy is that tough. When you first see your baby’s first sonograph, where you can barely see him, your heart is bound to skip a beat. And that first kick becomes a memory forever. Your bonding towards the soul inside slowly starts to develop. You suddenly start to become responsible and try to take care of yourself more than you did earlier. A father’s attachment towards the baby develops only when he holds him in his arms, but a mother’s attachment starts months before the delivery.

What seems normal today, may not be same tomorrow

I visited my gynecologist regularly and took all the recommended pills daily. All my reports were normal. And suddenly, a day before delivery, my blood pressure rose very high and I was nauseating. I had no control over myself. The delivery, which was supposed to be a normal one, turned into major C-Sec surgery. Doctors were alarmed. They couldn’t find my daughter’s heartbeat. My mother was nervous. And my husband was crying. But by God’s grace, things got back to normal and we were blessed with a beautiful angel.

Its time when it’s time

No matter what date your gynecologist might have given you for the delivery, you can’t do anything when it’s time. I was given a due date of 14th-15th February 2018, but I guess Kaira wanted to see the world 26 days earlier. Yes, I had to undergo C-Sec surgery and my daughter was delivered on the 19th of January 2018.

The views expressed in this article are based upon my personal experiences. Motherhood completes womanhood. And when you hold the child in your arms all the pain you have undergone feels worth it. I hope the lessons I learned from my pregnancy would give you some insight.

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