Kaira, my daughter my life

Since the day Blogchatter A2Z Challenge started, I’ve been waiting for the “K” letter day, so that I could write about my daughter Kaira. More than an article, it would be a photo journey. Kaira is two years two months old now. She was born on the 19th of January 2018.

Kaira’s first picture

Wondering how we decided to name her Kaira? Basically, I and my husband are very filmy in nature. When I was expecting, we watched Dear Zindagi. And we were so impressed by Alia Bhatt’s character, Kaira, that we got inspired to name our daughter after her. When she was born, I was still not in my sense. Consequently, Kaira had to be spoon-fed.

Doctors had advised to show her some sunlight to avoid the chances of jaundice as she was delivered 26 days earlier. I was still unconscious so my mother and husband had to do the job.

Finally after two days I held my daughter in my arms with all my senses. It was an out of the world feeling.

Kaira’s first bath was performed by my mother.

Motherhood brought drastic changes in me. And eventually, I began this beautiful journey of a beautiful mother-daughter relationship. Memories kept on adding and our wall of memories started getting filled up.


Motherhood taught me many lessons about good parenting. I and my husband left no stone unturned to take good care of our princess.

And in no time Kaira’s first birthday arrived. We were overjoyed. The celebration took place at her grandmother’s place. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

Kaira shares a beautiful bond with a father. Together we make a loving family. Sharing you some more pictures of Kaira.

Today she has just started speaking. See how cutely she reads her book. It is an emotional journey. Feels so amazing looking back.