Joint family and its importance in a child’s life

A joint family is one where up to two-generation families live together. This family generally includes grandparents, uncles, aunts, their children. Most of the Indian families were joint until the advent of urbanization. As life shifted to cities nuclear families became very common. However, a joint family and its importance in a child’s life still cannot be ignored. We will discuss the same in this article. Following are some of the major advantages of a child living in a joint family:

Love from all

In a combined family, a child gets pampered by all. The grandparents love all their grandchildren equally and unconditionally. The uncles and aunts have a soft corner for their nieces and nephews. There is a bond of friendship between the cousins and siblings too. Such is the environment of the house that you may get spoilt by love.


A family is every child’s first school. Grandparents usually teach the children in their own moral storytelling. They have high experience of life and when education comes from someone like them, it becomes o boon for the children. Apart from parents, there are uncles and aunts too to help the children in guiding them.

Support system

During the thick and thin of life, a support system, called a joint family, always works. The children can discuss their problems with anyone in the house because someone is always there to listen.

Sharing is caring

Children learn the lesson of sharing in a joint family. With all the cousins around they never feel jealous with each other and whatever they do they do it together. Sharing, in turn, develops kindness in them which gets imbibed in their character.

Children become social

In a joint family, a child interacts with everyone in the large group of families. Consequently, it removes any hesitation the child may have in talking to strangers. In a way the child becomes more social and his inferiority complex will be gone forever.


When a child lives with all the other family members it develops a sense of belonging and inculcates togetherness. A joint family’s strength is in its unity. So at very younger age children know the importance of staying together as a family.

Good habits

Grandparents make sure to pass on good habits to their grandchildren. Respect for elders, religion, the poor and needy and a habit of speaking for the truth develops automatically as a result of their education.

No loneliness

In today’s world, we all are connected through the internet. Most of the time we talked to our loved ones on the phone or see them through video calls. Children do not know the importance of family and bonds in such situations. This faraway relationship may create loneliness and frustration. However, when you live in a combined family all your tensions and worries are shared equally by other members of the family. And all you are left with is enjoyment.