Interview with Lynne Huysamen from South Africa

Hello dear mommies!!! It’s time for yet another interview with a mother. And this time around, we have with us Lynne Huysamen all the way from South Africa. Lynne is a Digital Marketer and a Blogger. She blogs on her parenting and family website Kaboutjie. Her website is loaded with information and is a must-visit for every parent. She is a recovering addict and has successfully completed 12 years in recovery. She loves sharing about her parenting experiences, her personal mental health journey and ways to make an income online.

Lynne is a mother of two beautiful kids, Calista (8 years) and Schalk (6 years)

Excerpts from an email interview with Lynne Huysamen:

Why do you give more emphasis to EQ over IQ in kids?

IQ is something that is fixed, your child is born with it. However EQ grows over time and social-emotional skills such as perseverance, good coping mechanisms, motivation, good impulse control and the ability to delay gratification are very important when it comes to whether your child will succeed in life or not. 

Could you suggest a few tips for proper baby massage?

Baby massage is a fantastic way to bond with your baby. It is recommended to wait until your baby is one month old. You can massage your baby at any time but it is great to include baby massage in your night time routine for your baby.

It is important to monitor your baby’s body language to see if your baby is receptive to a massage, if at any stage your baby grumbles or cries stop the massage. Make sure to rub the baby-safe oil in your hands to warm it up first then start with rubbing your baby’s feet and work your way up his legs. You can then do your baby’s arms, shoulders and chest and your baby’s back.

How do we deal with constipation in babies?

Firstly it’s important to ascertain whether your baby does, in fact, have constipation. Many new moms are under the impression that breastfed babies need to poop every day, which is not the case. Breastfed babies can poop 10 times in one day or once in 10 days. Formula-fed babies should poop once a day. 

Make sure to look for signs of constipation in your baby such as pulling his legs up and crying when feeding. There are many ways to deal with constipation in babies and you will need to choose an age appropriate remedy.

For very young babies the doing the bicycle movement with your baby’s legs is a great way to get the tummy working. You can also run your baby’s tummy in a clockwise motion. 
Other remedies include giving your baby some water or fruit juice – apple, prune or pear juice work best to get the tummy moving.

How do we inculcate good values in kids?

I believe that the best thing we can do to ensure our kids grow up with good values and morals is to model these values ourselves. Our kids learn best by example. 

As mothers, how can we take care of an autistic child?

I’ve researched and written a few articles on autism and children, however I am not a mother of an autistic child so I cannot really offer personal experience here. I’m sure that being a parent to a special needs child will take a lot of patience. A special needs parent will face many unique challenges.

My advice to anyone with a child with autism is to learn as much as possible about autism and to get as much support as possible.

How is parenting a toddler different from parenting a teenager? What are the challenges faced and how do we deal with them?

Well I don’t have a teenager yet but I have parented two toddlers. I’m sure that there are many similarities as well as differences. Toddlers and teenagers can be petulant, however for different reasons.

Toddlers are learning about the world around them and have frustrations with being understood. They are testing the world and their boundaries.
Teenagers also test their boundaries but in a very different way. They are going through hormonal and bodily changes which can be scary and confusing.

My hope is that through bonding with my children and teaching them good values that the teenage years won’t be too rocky but I can only share about that when I get there in a few years.

Do you consider yourself a successful mommy? Could you share your motherhood journey and the lessons you learned?

Yes I would consider myself a successful mommy. I am certainly not perfect, but no mother or person is. What I wish I had learned earlier on in my motherhood journey was to trust myself and to get rid of all that mom guilt. I wish I had taken more time for myself and been kinder to myself. 

Your message to the mommies of the world?

Don’t be so hard on yourself, make sure to nurture yourself and be kind to yourself. Parenting is the hardest and most important job in the world so give yourself credit for doing such an amazing job. 
Spend as much time as you can having fun with your kids, the time flies by so quickly.