International Women’s Day from a mother’s perspective.

So once again International Women’s day has come when we dedicate it to the women of the world and celebrate womanhood. I promise you not to bore you with the history of it or be pessimistic about the condition of women. Nor I am releasing any cliche statement like why Women’s day is celebrated only on this date (Women’s Day date is on 8th of March) and not the whole year. Let’s make it different and discuss International Women’s Day from a mother’s perspective.

My wish for this day

I am a mother to a beautiful and cute daughter Kaira. I always wished for a daughter. In fact, my husband also had the same thoughts about a child. On 19th January 2018, our wish was granted. I am so proud to be a woman and am more than happy that now God has given me an opportunity to raise into one. I spend most of the time with Kaira.

For this day I wish I could turn into a fairy and change the ?. Impossible I know. So to be realistic (boring), I wish to celebrate the day just like one celebrates one’s birthday. I want my daughter to remember this day every year and to long for it just like her own birthday. I know she’s just two, but I think it’s the right time to build such habits. Had I been blessed with a son, I would still have done the same just to make him realize how important girls ?are and to respect them.

My plans for Women’s Day

As I’ve told already, I wish to celebrate this just like my birthday. Luckily, this year Women’s Day date falls on a Sunday. It means, my husband will be home. I want my husband to pamper both the ladies. Both mother and daughter will be treated special. Just like any other off day, it will be my husband’s duty as a father to take care of Kaira. Then both ladies will try on new clothes we recently bought and walk the ramp at home. We might go on a women’s day date. I wish I could explain my daughter the importance of womanhood and why we celebrate it, but she’s too young for it now. In the years to come, when she develops understanding, I’ll definitely do that.

We women as mothers are the best teachers to our child. Whatever good we’ll inculcate in them will reflect in their behavior and personality when they grow up. This is the least we can do. Maybe, someday Kaira will feel proud of me that I’ve tried to raise her as a good human being and a perfect woman.

What are your thoughts and plans for the day. Please feel free to share your inputs on the topic and enlighten us all.

Happy International Women’s Day

“Jaago womaniya, Bolo womaniya”

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