International Day of Yoga: In Conversation with Meha Ranka

Hello Mommies!!!

Wish you all a very happy International Day of Yoga. To help you celebrate this day perfectly, and to continue with our interview with momies series, today we will have a chat with a Yoga expert for children from Mumbai, Meha Ranka.

Mother of a 7 year old daughter, Maahi Ranka, Meha is the founder of Child Yogis and has completed her Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS). She is a certified child yoga instructor catering to children of all ages currently associated with Rejoice International School, Malad and Ramnivas Bajaj School, Malad.

Some of her achievements include:
• Certification in theme based method of children yoga
• Certification in traditional method of children yoga
• Certification in Jolly Phonics
• Experience of teaching playschool children for 2 years in Vibgyor High School, Goregaon West
• Invited as a yoga guest lecturer for in Singapore International School, Dahisar
• Invited as a yoga guest lecturer in Oberoi International School, JVLR.

Excerpts from an email interview with Meha Yanka

1. Tell me more about Childyogis?

The main objective of Childyogis is to impart the value and goodness of yoga to children through customized programs that are fun and educational. We provide a theme based program of fun yoga with yoga poses, music, stories, games, dance, exercises & rhymes. A fun filled session include breathing, stretching & other activities. Different themes every month to develop discipline and calmness through the practice of yoga. To increase the focus and concentration and creating a healthy life-style and self-empowerment. Exercising social, sensory & motor skills while increasing flexibility.

2. Yoga is said to be a “Gurumukhi Shiksha”, i.e. you should not perform it without the help of a teacher. What do you think?

I would not completely agree to it but partially yes. It need not be a teacher it could be a parent too, but under someone’s guidance. Especially when it comes to breathing, kids are not supposed to hold their breathes. So we don’t encourage them to do it even with the teacher as they intend to repeat the same at home. Elder kids can perform the simple poses on their own.

3. What age do you suggest for kids to start yoga?

Kids can start as early as 10 months or one year. The earlier the better for kids for their overall development. Mother toddler yoga not only creates a special bonding between mothers and kids but also helps kids in the following:

•Develops a feeling of being loved, respected and secure
•Can alleviate trapped wind and alleviate constipation
•Helps with bonding and attachment
•Promotes positive toddler handling
•Works with toddler natural movement
•Aids language
•Teaches positive loving touch and gentle movements
•Promotes relaxation

4. Could you suggest some easy to start yogasanas for kids?

Kids can start with Animal poses as they are fun and simple for them. They can easily do transitions going from cat pose to rooster pose to tiger pose.

Easy Yogasanas for Kids

5. Our readers would love to learn about your mother-daughter yoga poses.

The parent-child relationship can benefit from engaging in a feel-good activity together. Spending some quality time with your child is essential. It helps develop a strong bond between you and your child, which is crucial to their development. However, living in a busy world limits the time we spend with our kids. Hence, you need to be more creative when it comes to thinking of a way to bond with them.

Mother-daughter Yoga Pose
Mother-Daughter Yoga Pose

6. What are the do’s and don’t’s of yoga for kids?

The Do’s & Don’ts of Yoga

7. Care to share pictures of a few of your popular poses like ” teapot
pose”, “moon pose”, and the like?

The Teapot Pose
The Moon Pose
The Duck/ Frog Poss

8. Your message to the mommies of the world on International Yoga Day?

Mommies take out time for yourselves to be fit, to be healthy. We have the superpower to take care of everyone but in that process we forget to take care of ourselves. We never have time, we need to remove time. Stay fit, stay healthy!