In Conversation with Sumedha Chatterjee

Hello Mommies,

This Mother’s Day we started a new section especially for mothers in our blog, wherein we learn from the experiences of mommies around the globe. Our first interview is with an expert in Digital Marketing and Advertising, Sumedha Chatterjee. She is the founder of Digital Marketing Conclave, a blog that enables you to become a better digital marketer. A mother of a 4 months old daughter, Ahaana, Sumedha is a marketer at heart and a blogger at large. Read more to learn about her experiences after becoming a mother.

Excerpts from an email interview with Sumedha.

Question 1: Describe your motherhood experience

My motherhood experience has been blissful and a roller-coaster, all rolled into one. Even though we planned as much as possible beforehand, the COVID-19 epidemic sort of threw a bit of surprise for us, to say the least. But I am thankful to have my loved ones close to me during this time, safe and healthy. I pray for the quick recovery of anyone who is affected. May God help them to surmount this challenge.
I am learning every day from my baby – every little thing is a revelation. The time that I spend with her makes me realize that so much of what we chase in life is meaningless. There is no greater joy then spending time with your loved ones.

Question 2: What changes did you feel in yourself after becoming a mother?

I have become much more time-conscious and planned. I am more conscious of the present moment and the joys it brings.I have started valuing my personal health and the health of my family members more.
I have also become super-productive. Since I am aware that I have limited time, I am extracting much more value out of every thing that I do. I guess motherhood makes you a better manager of time and resources.

Question 3: How do you see yourself as a mother, five years from now?

I want to be super-involved in bringing up my baby, and spend more time reliving my childhood with her. I want to enable her to learn from our collective experiences as much as from other structured learning programs.

Question 4: Do you want to give any message to new mommies?

My message to new mommies is to hang out there, it does look difficult in the beginning but you have to give yourself and your baby time. No one is judging you – and you have to have iron-grade willpower & perseverance throughout this beautiful journey.
Let no one tell you how to bring up your child, however well-meaning that advice maybe. You decide what is good for you both and what to follow. If you feel something is relevant, embrace it, else choose your own parenting style.