In Conversation With Sadaf Afshan

Hello Mommies

Today we are in conversation with a Software Engineer from Hyderabad, Sadaf Afshan. Besides her engineering profession, she is a doodler, blogger, and an article writer by passion who pens about motherhood and parenting. You can see her work on many parenting platforms such as Mybabychakra and Kids Stop Press. Sadaf also runs a blog Young Mom’s Journal wherein she shares her pregnancy, motherhood, and parenting experiences. She is a doting mommy to a three-year-old girl, Simra, who is an energetic, smart, and intelligent toddler.

Excerpts from an email interview with Sadaf Afshan.

Question 1: Describe your motherhood experience?

Motherhood has been the most life-changing experience for me right from pregnancy to birth of my daughter Simra, it is a roller coaster ride to say the less. Becoming a mother has made me selfless, joyful, patient, loving, elated, empowered, and invincible. It has developed a sense of responsibility which I never felt before. I strongly feel I understood what motherhood and a mother is..after becoming one!

Question 2: Highly impressed with your motherhood inspired doodles. Tell me more about them. Could you share some of your best doodles and tell the stories behind?

First of all, thank you for appreciating my work. I feel overwhelmed and so connected to my art of little doodling that describes various phases of motherhood. I love to depict my feelings through this very gesture. The doodles that are close to my heart are a pregnant woman with stretch marks and the unsung heroes -fathers!

?Doodle – The unsung heroes ‘Fathers’!

This doodle is something I dedicated to all the fathers who are constantly been made feel they are less than mothers, indeed they aren’t. Hence the unsung heroes are fathers!

We always talk about moms, motherly love, motherly touch & care, and whatnot. Let me talk about..fathers, just like mothers they play an important role in every child’s life that cannot be filled by other people. This role can have a large impact on a child’s well being and help shape her into the person they become in the near future. Children look to their fathers to provide a feeling of security, both physical and emotional, social development, etc

?Doodle – Stretch Marks? I call them ‘Tiger Stripes’!

This doodle describes the ever-changing bodies of women especially during pregnancy, we do not appreciate what it is doing for us. We only see scars, loose skin, and not a beautiful body that has done and still doing so much for us. A woman goes through hormonal, mental, and physical changes during pregnancy. It is obvious that she will become a different person now..she won’t be the same anymore..she’ll be called ‘mom’.

The two most important aspects of my body after becoming a mom are stretch marks and c section scar. It keeps me reminding of a battle I fought to bring my little girl to life. I wear them with pride and am not ashamed or feel belittle of having them. I see them more as ‘tiger stripes’…it made me realize what a woman’s body is capable of!

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Question 3: How do you manage work-motherhood balance?

Being a stay at home mom it isn’t an easy task as it looks like. I follow my passion for blogging, doodling, and write articles for parenting platforms with a balanced mommy life because everything else can wait..while motherhood can’t! I try doing what I love when my girl is busy with some activity or spends time with her grandparents and father.

Question 4: How do you see yourself as a mother, five years from now?

It is going to be a challenging one to see myself as a mom five years from now because kids grow up and responsibilities increase as they grow up too. But I will definitely be a confident, nurturing, and a doting mommy to my kids. 

Question 5: Do you want to give any message to new mommies?

Definitely! To all the new mommies out there, I understand it isn’t easy being a mom. Be a mommy,be the one who follows passion, be the one people will look upto, do something for yourself, be yourself, love the way you’ve changed after becoming a mother and just embrace your life. Also remember you’re a good mom for your kids and it’s all that matters in the end.