In Conversation with Rukmini P Kirthivasan

Hello Mommies !!!

Today we will have a chat with a Software Engineer from Chennai, Rukmini Pranatharthiharan Kirthivasan. Rukmini is a mother to a seven months old baby and is currently on maternity leave extension. She believes in seizing the moment and finds calmness in writing, cooking, and drawing Kolam. Rather than an engineer, she dreams to be a writer at some point in her life.

In Rukmini’s family, they have a tradition of clicking pictures only on the first anniversary. She has been so kind enough to share a picture of her baby’s hand for the sake of the interview. This cute little gesture is so heartwarming.

Cute little hands

Excerpts from an email interview with Rukmini P Kirthivasan.

1. Could you elaborate on your “Happy Mother=Happy Family” theory?

This is the special post that I wrote on my blog for Mother’s day! I intend to spread happiness and help people create happy families through my writing! The theory “Happy Mother = Happy Family” is all about how a mother can keep herself happy so that she can help her family to be happy! Most times children mimic the mood of the mother. And being a mother can be emotionally, physically draining! So with certain activities like exercising, Journaling, etc. one can combat the strain and the subsequent stress. The ultimate point with the theory is making self care a priority. It is just this, one cannot pour from an empty cup. As you take care of yourself well, the family is well-taken care!

2. How to go about Sex Education for kids? Tell me more about the #NoMoreMeToo campaign.

Sex education for children is essential these days. It is not just about good touch or a bad touch. It is much more on what is shown to the kid like pictures, videos, and What they hear as well. To inculcate this knowledge in children, primarily parents have to learn how to tell their children. It is good to attend sessions that child psychologists take. It can be online or offline. It gives us an idea and prepares us to handle their queries, their behavior. And the key point is staying calm in the process of making them understand sex and related topics. As we create a comfortable environment for them to question and address their doubts, we can head towards the #NoMoreMeToo era.

3. When is the right time to start a family? What things should be kept in mind before becoming a mother?

There is no right time to start a family. It’s all about the mindset. We will expand eventually. (This is for a normal middle class family). Too much botheration on career aspects also can lead to stress. It all needs a heart full of love and hope. When one is planning to become a mother she should take good care of herself! Just being happy and loving herself will help.

4. Could you share your tips for maintaining such a perfect work and motherhood balance?

I stick to my routine. I get up before 6 AM and it helps me in my mood. I have to-do lists and prioritize my tasks each day and work around that! I never miss my yoga and journaling. While yoga keeps me fit and flexible journaling helps me to handle my emotions well. These two really help me to keep up my energy around my baby. Though I don’t match my girl’s energy, at least I am not easily drained.

5. Your message to the mommies of the world.

Prioritize yourself. As you are happy you can pour happiness to all in your family. Just like anger or any other draining emotions, happiness is also contagious. So be happy and spread happiness! ?