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Today we will have a chat with a teacher, a blogger, a YouTube, and a singer from West Bengal, Prama Sarkar. Mother of a 1.8 years old boy, Rudraroop Ganguly, Prama always had a penchant for music and singing. She is successfully running her motherhood & recipe blog Mommy Chirping and is active on Instagram too. You can also follow her YouTube channel Prama Sarkar for many insightful videos.

Born and raised in Malda, West Bengal, Prama is a post graduate in Geography from Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, and also holds a PG Diploma in Geoinformatics. She qualified NET (National Eligibility Test) in 2017 and has worked as an Assistant Teacher in Rotary Public School, Angul, Odisha till 2017.

Excerpts from an email interview with Prama Sarkar.

As mothers, how do we deal with picky eaters? Could you suggest a few recipes for them?

A tricky question indeed!! I’m blessed that my baby is not a picky eater atleast till date he has not shown any sign of being so. He eats whatever I cook for him. Some practices that I follow….

  • Making him feel valued is the key to go for me. We all eat together. He sees us to have the same food and loves to do the same as well.
  • Presently, I offer him almost all the solid foods that I cook for ourselves (ofcourse without chillies and spices in moderation).
  • Roop (his nickname) started to have solids at 6 months of age and only for a month or so I cooked khichdi separately for him. After that I gradually started to offer him our normal cooked food and he is loving it.
  • He didn’t like any kind of packaged baby food that much. Only upto one year those helped, that too for may be one time a day, or some other day absolutely not. Since then I started to give him everything homemade.
  • I do not offer him unnecessary junks just to make his tummy full.
  • I love to play with his tastebuds offering him variety of cooked food alternatively just to make sure that staffs are not getting monotonous to him.
  • I offer only hand-mashed (not blended or grinded) food since his first birthday.
  • He doesn’t like milk, fruits separately. So I mix required amount in his other daily foods. He loves to have them in modified form.

Well in my case…

?For lunch & dinner
Daal, sabji, chawal, egg/chicken/fish/soybean/paneer.

?For breakfast
Sabji oats porridge/ oats kheer with dry fruits/ oats kheer with banana/chicken oats porridge/bread kheer/ muesli etc.

?For tiffin (evening)
Egg-atta pancake/ sooji halwa/ banana pancake/ muesli/ kheer chura/ oats pancake etc.

Egg atta Pancake (Recipe)

1 egg, 4 tbsp atta, Milk 1/2 cup, (add as required), Finely chopped boiled veggies (as per choice), Finely chopped onion (add as required), Salt as per taste, Oil or ghee for frying.

Beat egg in a bowl. Add milk and beat very well. Add atta and beat until you get a smooth batter. Add onion, veggies and salt. Oil brush pan. Pour a thin layer of batter and fry both side till gets cooked.

For more baby food recipes kindly keep eyes on my Instagram: mommychirping_prama ?

Disclaimer: I’m not any professional. Above mentioned practices go well with my baby by God’s grace. Do yours accordingly.

You have a beautiful voice. Care to share one of your singing videos?

Thank you so much for your kind appreciation.

Tumi robey nirobey

Your little one loves to play tabla. What role does music play in child upbringing?

Little Rudraroop Ganguly playing Tabla

Music is a form of devotion. Children should be encouraged in activities related to music. In my house, it is in practice. I myself am trained in Indian classical music. My husband is trained in tabla playing. In my maternal house, it is also in practice. So somehow I think it has been passed on to him genetically.

  • Being a devotional activity music creates its own prominent divine impact on one’s mind.
  • Music helps to be calm, composed, disciplined, focused and to concentrate in life in a positive way.
  • It helps to strengthen positive emotions of life, which helps in emotional growth.
  • Music helps in strengthening memory skills. It develops thinking ability.
  • Tabla playing helps in building motor skills and coordination.
  • It improves language development, mathematical skills.

All these together help to improve Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem and moreover social growth.

What are the do’s and don’t of breastfeeding?

Breast milk contains all the prime nutrients, which are required for an overall growth and brain development of a newborn baby. It’s advised to exclusively breastfeed your baby till 6 months of age, and to continue till the 2 years of age (unless otherwise medical condition is there). In my case I was blessed enough to breastfeed my baby exclusively for first 6 months of his life and still continuing by God’s grace. But at starting being a first time mommy I often used to get anxious and confused regarding the same. Then gradually I got familiar. So some of the don’t and do’s of breastfeeding that I followed are…

❌Atleast for 6 months do not try to loose weight. Breastfeeding itself does the job.
❌Avoid pacifiers and bottles to encourage exclusive breastfeeding, or else baby may have nipple confusion. 
❌Avoid spicey, oily and junk food.
❌Avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine, gassy foods.
❌Stop worrying. Anxiety, stress, depression reduces milk supply.

✅Feed your baby often (every 1.5 to 2 hours) to boost lactation. The emptier your breasts are, the faster they produce milk.
✅Switch sides every time you feed. 
✅If the baby is not nursing, make sure to express milk regularly.
✅Drink plenty of water to stimulate lactation.
✅Get enough sleep and rest (atleast try to have?). This is so important. 
✅Have a balanced diet full of proteins, vitamins, fibres.
✅Green leafy vegetables are excellent sources of minerals.
✅Lentils (specially masoor daal) are sources of protein, and are high in iron and fibre. I ate a lot a lot a lot !!!
✅Drink milk regularly. 
✅Oatmeal is rich in fibre.
✅Eat fruits regularly.

Here, sharing my blog link for the same. Kindly have a look:

Breastfeeding Don’t & Do’s

Disclaimer: I used to follow these and in my case all these worked fine. Always consult your doctor, if required.

What should we do to prevent ourselves from taking out our frustration on kids?

A lot of parents believe that beating up their children is the perfect way to control them and make them good human beings. But this may NOT be possible in practice.

? Such NEGATIVE input may result in the introduction of frustration, arrogance, violence which are definitely harmful to the PSYCHOLOGICAL GROWTH of a child.
? Children love to imitate the person they like the most. Likewise, they may also imitate and implement the action of attacking.
? What is uninteresting to you may seem to be interesting to them. Beating may discourage and damage their exploring ability.
? This may hamper the bonding between parents and children. In fact, they may stop sharing their problems and may feel less valued and isolated.
? They may get scared, confused, angry and finally will learn to MISBEHAVE.
? They may not be able to adjust with the conflicting situations in life and will become frustrated, impatient so quickly. ?They may implement, whatever they receive in early childhood, in their own parenting and other relationships in their adulthood too.

✅Ofcourse as parents we have to be more controlled, polished, patient human beings.
✅We have to accept that children make mistakes and definitely they will. All of us have made some sort of mistakes during our chilhood.
✅But instead of getting frustrated Let the child grow. Let the child explore new things.
✅Spend quality time with your kids. This will help developing their self confidence, problem solving skills, family bonding, personality, communication skills.
✅Sit and talk to them and make them understand the difference between right and wrong, good and bad.
✅Parenting is the toughest as well as nobel task indeed. Let us all do our duties with utmost love and care. May God bless us all.

Here, sharing my blog link for the same. Kindly have a look…

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Your message to the mommies of the world?

Motherhood is not about LEAVING your dreams. It’s about LIVING your dreams

Mothers are the creators. Motherhood is the highest state of living any woman can ever have. Positive attitudes and will powers mixed with healthy adjustments and sacrifices may result into healthy balance between womanhood and motherhood. Only a happy and positive mother can fill up her little one’s life (the future generation) with happiness and positivity.

Happy Mother, Happy Child ?

?Let happiness and peace (not perfection) be the ultimate goal in life. Be happy, confident and focused with whatever you are having in your life. Live every moment.
?If you are sacrificing something because of motherhood, just pause for a while and look out, you may be blessed with loads of other options. Think and explore those.
?Accept that you can’t have everything at a single point of time. You will miss out something always for sure. Learn to let go and flush out all negativities from your life. Learn to say NO. It’s no harm.
?Prioritize your daily deeds and curve out some “ME TIME” everday. This is not selfishness. Spend your quality time with your baby and grow. You will feel more energetic and lively. 
?Stop expecting from others. Ask for help or do by yourself.
?Take care of yourself. Unless and until you are doing so you can not take care of others.

Here, sharing my blog link for the same. Kindly have a look.

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