In Conversation with Nivedha M

Today we bring an interview with a former HR personnel from Chennai, Mrs Nivedha M. A proud mother of 1.7-year-old baby girl named Nethanya, she is a conscious parenting enthusiast, believer of respectful parenting & Early Education Researcher. Her blog, momforaprincess, talks on any aspects of parenting from breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, early learning, parenting, self-feeding etc. Currently, Nivedha is on a journey to share and spread knowledge about raising independent and self-reliant kids!! 

Excerpts from an email interview with Nivedha

Question 1: Describe your motherhood experience

Motherhood doesn’t come with a guide right, it’s different, unique and special for every mother. My experience was gratifying as I have enjoyed every bit of my Pregnancy and Parenting now. I consider my daughter as my teacher, she is giving me new aspects to think upon every single day. Being her mother is the one role that I am currently enjoying to it’s bits.

Question 2: What changes did you feel in yourself after becoming a mother?

I think am a version 1.0 of my pre-baby days because I never thought I would be able to survive with such minimal sleep. Jokes apart, I have never respected myself before as I do now after becoming a mother. The way she looks at me makes me more responsible and grateful for everything in life. I have obviously become more patient, empathetic, learnt to say No, (sometimes we need to prioritize and put our foot down) And last but not least the level of multi-tasking I do now, I don’t think I could have done before.

Question 3: Your Instagram feed is full of children’s activities. How do you manage to teach your child?

I am a conscious parenting enthusiast and a researcher about Early education. I believe in child-led learning. We have been practising early education from when she was 3+ months, you can see related posts and videos on my Instagram handle. Reading books, flashcard Learning and structured activities through Montessori type are our way of engaging and learning.

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#infantserieswithMommyN ➡️➡️➡️ SWIPE TO SEE MILESTONES & ACTIVITIES 6 – 9 MONTHS INFANTS This stage they understand that Objects do exist even when they are not seen for sometime (OBJECT PERMANENCE ) . They realize what CAUSE AND EFFECT is, by hitting a toy what sounds comes, by dropping a rattle what happens etc Its a major growth spurt time, they grow very rapily with some skills like sitting up, crawling and even beginning to stand, babbling, teething by end of 9 months. .. Due to which this time you may see much of sleep regressions, appetite drops etc( will make separate post on that) .. Babies of this age are interested in new things and but are afraid of strangers(Stranger anxiety). .. A child is amazing as he or she is, Set up play time only for aiding development and not in an expectation to teach them something. .. Some times they may not show interest in things you have set up, but don't give up. Keep trying different forms. Once they are mentally and physically ready for it, they will do. Same for a milestone, if your child doesn't sit at 6 months, doesn't stand by 9 months, it's perfectly fine., they will do when they are ready. . As a mother all you need is to TRUST the child, they will lead you in their growth #tipsparenting #learningthroughplaying #playbasedlearningforallabilities #earlychildhoodlearning #babiesofig #instagramers #momblogging #newmomlife #parentingideas #babymilestones #milestones #activitiesforinfants

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Question 4: Your feed also talks about sleep regressions in babies. Tell me more about it.

Sleep regression is a phase in babies, a properly sleeping or napping baby suddenly starts waking up often at night and also refuses to settle down for naps. This happens as they are undergoing huge growth spurts and it hinders their regular sleep patterns. This phase may stay until 3-4 weeks and differs with every baby. Do check my posts on elaborate details on sleep regression phases according to the age groups.

Question 5: Do you want to give any message to new mommies?

As I said first, motherhood doesn’t come with a guide. But no one said that we can’t write our own guide. Motherhood is the most beautiful journey, every mother and child is different, social media is filled with so many information on parenting and motherhood at first it may be overwhelming to get hold of things, Take up the right information but make sure you follow Only what works for you and your child. You know your child best, and they trust and love you for what you are.