In Conversation with Dr. Sabiha Anjum

Hello Mommies,

Today we bring an interview with a Gynecologist from Bengaluru having six years of experience in advocating women’s health, Dr. Sabiha Anjum. She is a mother of two and runs a successful blog to enlighten the Mommies & to be Mommies towards a smart, ideal & actually correct care. She is an expert panel member on Firstcry Parenting App and is also part of many parenting and pregnancy-related social portals. Read more to gain some knowledge from her experiences.

Excerpts from the email interview with Dr. Sabiha Anjum

Question 1: As a gynecologist, yourself, how easy or difficult is it for you to
be a mother?

I can’t say it has been easy for sure. Being too oriented with my profession, it was hard. But for me my kids come first, so the profession took a back step and I don’t regret it at all.

Question 2: Your potty training video (dad version) is hilarious. Was the mission
successful? Care to share the video for our readers?

Ha, ha! Thank you for appreciating it! Yes, of course, the mission has been successful and dada has been a major part of it, thanks to the lockdown! Yes, the video is for all, hope you like it!

Potty training (Dad Version)

Question 3: What is the question that most mothers keep asking you?

It can’t be bottled down to just one, there are many, my Instagram page is full of Dm’s for queries. And I do try to answer them all or make a post of it if many such queries come!

Question 4: Could you give an insight into postpartum depression and the remedy?

Yes, of course! I myself had to face postpartum depression and it was very hard to come out of it. And it is much more common in women but none in India likes to talk about it openly. Very much treatable, sometimes self-motivation works, sometimes counselling or if the symptoms are too much then medications.I’m trying to spread awareness on it, and quite a few women have already started taking treatment and doing well too!

Question 5: Do you want to give any message to new mommies?

Don’t listen to myths or old wives’ tales. Follow what doctors say. It’s new for you and it’s alright if you aren’t a super mom, remember you being happy is most important for the baby. Take the help of your loved ones for some ‘me’ time. Whatever you are doing is perfect!

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