Immunity development in your kids

These couple of days, we’ve been talking a lot about immunity when the whole world has been taken aback by this pandemic called CORONA or COVID-19, as they say. To find diseases like these, one should have a healthy immune system. Children especially infants have a weak immune system as compared to adults. When a child is born, it is still protected by antibodies that get infused in its bloodstream from the mother. During the first few months, immunity development in your kids is slow. However, as an when the baby starts eating, it’s immune system gets stronger and stronger.

Signs of a developing immune system

As the child’s immune system is at a developing stage, it may be prone to bacteria and virus attacks. This is the reason why infants catch a cold very easily. They are also susceptible to viral fever and stomach disorders. Do not panic in such cases because it’s very natural. However, taking proper precautions will help protect your baby from infections. Contrary to that, some researchers feel that early exposure to viral and bacterial infections ensures better immunity against them in the future.

When do you know your child has a weak immune system?

When your child gets sick too often, be alarmed as your child may have weak immunity. Frequent infections, such as bronchitis, sinusitis or ear infections, may indicate a problem in your baby’s immunity. Consult your pediatrician immediately to take remedial measures.

How to boost immunity?

Eating healthy has proven to be the most effective way to boost immunity. You can follow the following steps for a healthy immune system :

  • Breastfeed your infants
  • Mothers who breastfeed must take a healthy diet rich in vitamin C
  • Protect infants from cold
  • Encourage kids to eat citrus fruits like oranges, grapes, and tangerines
  • Give more leafy vegetables, like spinach to kids
  • Add a little ginger in the meals
  • Brocolli is also good immunity builder
  • Red bell pepper is a rich source of vitamin C and an effective immunity booster
  • Also, add Yogurts in your kid’s diet
  • Milk and dairy products should be taken
  • Walnuts and almonds help a lot
  • Fish and lean meat are a good source of protein and help improve immunity
  • Health drinks like PediaSure should be given in the growth stage of kids
  • Ensure your child’s vaccination regularly
  • Boost your child’s sleep
  • Engage your kids in physical activities

Key takeaway

Immunity development in your kids is a continuous process. Not all children are the same and each child takes his or her time to develop a mature immunity system. The important thing is we should ensure they are given a proper healthy diet as recommended by pediatricians. Arrange for regular family workout sessions to ensure physical activities. And most importantly, develop good habits in your kids.

I hope everyone is doing good in these tough times. Do not worry as this too shall pass. Keep healthy and stay fit.