Guidelines for becoming a good parent

I am no expert in parenting and believe me, I’m also not trying to preach you anything. Every parent is capable of raising his/ her child efficiently. This article reflects my experience as a parent. When I became a mother, I was very skeptical about things. However, the last two years of my motherhood journey taught me a lot. The life of a woman changes drastically after becoming a mother. I hope my experience, in the form of the guidelines for becoming a good parent, will help new moms out there.

Be prepared


Parenting for mothers comes before the child is born. It is a wonderful feeling but sometimes you can get irritated too. There should be proper preparedness for any physical or emotional changes. Do an ample amount of research, talk to your mother and other elderly people in the house.

Post-delivery preparedness is most important, as it is a time when you are too scared to take care of the delicate child. Learn essential skills of baby care, like baby massage and baby bath.


Be supportive of the mother. Bear with the mood swings during pregnancy. Read books, guides and articles about child and mother care. Feel connected to the baby.

Post-delivery, do not think that raising a baby is only a mother’s job. A child’s upbringing is a father’s job equally. So learn all the skills mentioned above as it would help you bond better with the baby.

Refer to the video, as an example, how both father and mother can work together in raising a child.

Be happy


Going by the adage, “a healthy mind resides in a healthy body”, a happy mother/ parent will raise a healthy kid. So keep all your worries aside and devote to the little one.


Leave all your work-related stress when you are at home. Listen to uplifting music and spend time playing with your child.

Give full attention


Remember, the child is your first priority. So give full attention to the little one while managing all your chores. For working mothers, I would advise them not to leave the baby’s care entirely on the nanny. Bathing, massaging dressing and the like, will help build attachment towards you. In the growing ages, a child needs your love and attention the most, so never let them feel neglected. the child knows when you are busy and will always try to attract you. Listen to them every time.


The same goes for the fathers too. Try to keep work family balance well maintained. Play with the kids. Talk to them in their language. Ask them about their doings. Help them feel special. Arrange for family outings. Surprise them with gifts.

Be patient


During the day, the child will throw tantrums, mostly during eating meals. Handle those tactfully and do not loose your calm. You can mould your child the way you want, just be patient.


Kids have a tendency to keep nagging. Do not get frustrated by their continuous pestering. Just being a good listener won’t help, you have to cater to all their queries too. Help your child build his own perspective.

Be strict too

Mothers & Fathers

Leniency to a certain level is okay, but don’t go overboard. You have to scold your child as and when needed. Praise them for their good deeds and encourage them. But check them when they go wrong. Remember, only you can shape your child’s future. Understanding your child’s psychology is the key to happy parenting and is one of the major points in the guidelines for becoming a good parent.

Be strong

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Parenthood is a long journey. While it brings a smile on our faces most of the time, there are tough times too. There will be times when your baby may get sick or get hurt. Your worries will only make the situation worse. Do not get scared in such situations. Show your strength and act wisely.


I have said nothing that you don’t know already. But for happy parenting, these simple steps would help a lot. I hope you liked my guidelines for becoming a good parent and that these will help you in some way or the other.

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