Essentials for travelling with a baby

Travelling with babies is fun but very challenging. As parents we often cannot decide what to carry while travelling with babies. One has to take utmost care when it comes to baby food. Small babies cannot speak when they are hungry. As parents we face great difficulty in such situations. In this article, I have covered all the food related essentials for travelling with a baby. The products discussed are suitable for babies who take food in puree or semi solid form.

Food Nibbler

A food nibbler a small pacifier like device with minute perforations and is made of BPA free, food grade, non toxic material. The food, in puree form, is filled inside for the baby to suck and chew. It comes with a cap and is very easy to clean and sterilize. Being a very handy tool during travelling, it can easily fit into your pocket too.

Spoon Feeder

A spoon feeder is a very convenient spoon shaped one hand held feeder. It is designed to respond to pressure and allows for a controlled feed. You can keep semi solid food inside the tubular shaped container attached to a spoon. With a gentle squeeze of the tube, pureed food comes out of a specially designed perforation into the spoon. This makes feeding little ones less messy.

Milk and Storage Container

Storage containers are very essential during travel especially when babies are on formula milk feed. Generally it comes in a set of three small containers. You can put required quantity of formula powder in each one of them.

Steel Flask

To make formula milk you need hot water. This is where a steel flask comes in handy. It is a vacuum insulated, rust free stainless steel bottle, which can keep water warm for several hours.

Feeding Bottle

Prepare the formula milk in the feeding bottle. Look for a feeding bottle with BPA free nipple with anti colic valve thus preventing air from being swallowed.

Glass Storage Container

When I travel with my daughter I usually carry a banana along. A banana mashed, with the help of a fork, in a glass storage container will be a lifesaver during sudden hunger attack.

Soft Spout Cup

To quench the thirst of small babies, you should carry ample amount of water with you during travel. A soft spout cup with handles is very comfortable to hold in the hands. And the specially designed silicon spout encourages sipping action.

These are a few of the essentials for travelling with a baby. I ensure that I carry them in my diaper bag every time I go out with Kaira.