Essential things to carry in a diaper bag

Raising kids in modern times has become so convenient. With so many baby products ranging from diapers to skincare products to soothers to teethers and the like, a mother’s life has become less stressful but a little confusing. One such confusion is regarding diaper bags. When you are travelling with a baby you need to carry a diaper bag, but the confusion of what to carry is always there. Following is a list of essential things to carry in a diaper bag.


A diaper bag should obviously carry baby diapers. Diapers come in different shapes and sizes so chose one according to your baby’s age and comfort. A general misconception regarding diapers is that we should not use it all the time. To know more it you can read this article: “Is it safe to use diapers all the time?

Diaper Rash Cream

Diapers and rash cream go hand in hand. It is a general rule that every mother should know, that before changing a new diaper always apply rash cream. I have been using it since my daughter Kaira was born. And believe me, she has shown no sign of rashes till now (touchwood). I highly recommend using Sebamed’ Rash Cream.

Hand Sanitizer

Should you need to change the diaper, you should always carry a hand sanitizer. It generally comes in handy in small bottles. Some diaper bags have a sanitizer suspension in them too. When travelling with babies hygiene is very important.

Baby Wipes

When there’s a need to change the baby’s diaper, it is recommended to use baby wipes. Wipes are soft on baby skin and come in handy to keep in the diaper bag.


Muslin or washcloth is made of soft premium quality cotton. It is very soft and gentle on baby skin and is easily washable and dries up quickly. It is used as a wrap-around for infants. Moreover, a washcloth can be used to wipe clean baby’s face and body.

Dry Mat

These days diaper bags come with a dry mat. It is made up of water-absorbent material and can be reused several times. You can use it as a bed or seat protector or even use is to change the baby’s diaper. While walking your baby in a pram you can use it as a cover.

Baby Face Cream

Out of the many baby skin products, I prefer carrying Sebamed’s Face Cream. Again it’s very soft on baby’s skin and keeps it moisturized.

Baby Powder

Baby powder is one of the essential things to carry in a diaper bag. It gives the baby frictionless soothing comfort. It has a mild fragrance and keeps the baby fresh and playful


When travelling outside with the baby, a soft hairbrush comes in handy to set the baby’s hair.


Babies like to chew anything they carry in their hands. Teethers help in proper gum development. This leads to healthy teething. Chewing on teethers also give control over the force of the bite. Make sure to sterilize them before keeping in the diaper bag.


Carry at least one of the favourite toys of your child. This will help in engaging the baby. Also, it will keep the baby happy and cheerful. Most of the parents tend to give smartphones to children when feeding them. Toys will keep them busy otherwise.

Sipper/ Water Bottle

When babies grow 6 months old they take water. It then becomes essential to carry water bottle to keep them hydrated. Make sure to store boiled water.

Baby Food

This is required when the baby has started taking food and have essentially left breast milk. Small containers containing formula milk can be carried along. When the baby takes semi-solid food, you can carry a banana along in a banana case. A baby food nibbler is another very convenient travel companion that can be kept in a diaper bag.

Disposable Bags

We cannot find dust bins everywhere. And to dispose of diapers we should carry 2-3 disposable bags. Keep the used diapers in them and when you find a dust bin, dump them. We should always take care of the environment

These are a few of the essential things to carry in a diaper bag. I know the list looks very long. But when you start packing you’ll find the items are quite compact and can easily fit into a diaper bag. Diapers bags come in two varieties: Sling type diaper bags and backpack style diaper bag. Chose your bag according to your comfort.