Education should not be limited to books for kids

Education for kids is one of the priorities of parents. Learning has no age, as it begins right from the day a child is born. Post-delivery I had to face many difficulties breastfeeding my daughter. For two to three days she was fed on formula milk because she didn’t know how to suck but eventually she did. As mothers, we have to go a few miles extra to impart knowledge to our kids. An all-round development doesn’t come only from learning from books. Let us discuss how, as parents, we can provide knowledge to our kids, apart from books, and help them become good human beings.

Beauty Conscience

Beauty conscience

Beauty conscience or “Saundarya Bodh” (in Hindi) refers to knowledge of our responsibilities. It is not that scary as it sounds. The idea of this education is to be aware of what is right and what is wrong. How difficult is it to impart knowledge to our kids to do the following?

Cleanliness in thought

  • Love for family
  • Love for animals
  • No telling lies
  • No jealousy


  • Respect for time
  • Discipline
  • Being punctual
  • Do not keep anybody witing

Keeping promises

  • Respect for promises
  • No deceiving
  • No lying

Strength Conscience

Strength conscience or “Shakti Bodh” (in Hindi) refers to a state of mind that is free from any negativity or inferiority complex. To illustrate this let me give you an example. Think of the times when you are travelling on a train and start conversations with fellow passengers. Say for instance the topic of discussion is about our country’s military, or the economy or the like. And suddenly one of the persons speaks negative about the country and always compares it with other countries. This spreads negativity about one’s strength. Strength Conscience teaches us to be positive about one’s strength and abilities and not to demoralize it in front of others. Imagine how much positivity will the kids having this knowledge will spread.

Creative Activities

We should involve our kids into many creative activities like the following:

  • Drawing and painting
  • Play Doh or play dough
  • Abacus
  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Origami
  • Pottery etc.

Respect for Girls

Especially if you are a parent to a boy, you should inculcate a sense of respect towards girls in them. Respect towards one’s sister, a friend or a neighborhood girl should be taught at an early age.


Kids should be involved in group activities which encourages participation. It will help them socialize with others. A healthy competition with fellow kids should be developed in order to keep the growth process going. Let them participate in extra-curricular activities like games, quizzes, dance, drama and the like.

Sex Awareness

Sex education for kids may still be a taboo in many parts of society but it is by far the most important lesson that we can give to our kids, apart from books. Talking to kids about physical and emotional changes will answer their queries and will bring positive change in their personality.


As parents it is our responsibility that we impart right education in our kids and make them better human beings. These lessons cannot be taught in books. These are our lessons from our personal experiences.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

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