Diaper rash cream is very important

Diapers’ invention is a boon to parents. Remember the days when parents used cotton napkins with those big safety pins. Imagine how many times those napkins had to be washed and sterilized. Gone are the days when we travel with babies with a separate bag of those clothes. Diapers have changed the parents’ world forever. However, we often get stuck in a decision about whether to use diapers all the time or not. This is a topic of long discussion and there is no correct answer. The important thing is that whenever we use diapers we have to apply diaper rash cream.

Diaper with safety pin

Why use diaper rash cream?

Baby skin is very soft. Therefore we have to take very proper care of it. There are many baby skin care products available in the market. The baby’s skin is prone to moisture generated rashes. Though diapers are meant to soak up any moisture inside, they have limitations too. And sometimes we forget to change the diaper or change it long after it gets full. These actions can lead to the developing of rashes in the baby’s diaper area. I would recommend using diapers with indicators on them that show when its time to change. I have been using Pampers Premium Care diapers and have no issues till now. You never know when rashes start to appear, so it is best to use it every time you change the diaper.

What if the baby has no rashes?

As discussed already, the baby’s skin is very soft and is prone to rashes. So it does not mean that if the baby is not having rashes currently, she couldn’t develop it in the future. Diaper rash cream is very important safety baby product to protect the baby against unseen ailment. I am a mother of a two-year-old daughter and I have been using rash cream since the time she wore her first diaper. And by God’s grace, there has been no sign of any infection till now.

My recommendation

I would recommend a cream that I have used personally. In the past two years, I have used diapers from two different brands. Both the brands are very reputed and the products are awesome. Earlier I used Himalaya’s herbal rash cream. It is a very good product from Himalaya and is herbal too. It is very cost effective too. If you go on a little higher side, then I would recommend using Sebamed’s Rash Cream. This is the product I have been using on a regular basis.

Sebamed Rash Cream


My daughter Kaira is more than two years now. Its high time she be given potty training. It is for this reason I have reduced the frequency of diaper change. However when I go outside, I do not forget to carry diapers along with a rash cream.

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