Creative activities you should involve your kids into

Creativity can be inculcated. As an infant turns into a toddler, it becomes every parents’ responsibility to involve them in some sort of creative activities. It is a stage where the mind develops along with the body. Learning by playing is the best knowledge a kid can get. In today’s blogpost, I will be discussing some creativity building activities, like drawing and painting, abacus, Play Doh, building blocks, and origami, for your kids.

Drawing and painting

drawing and painting

First of all, drawing is one of the most loved activities by kids and develops creative drawing ideas. My daughter Kaira loves to finger paint on her drawing book. Art for kids is very important for their creativity to widen. Let your kids play with colors and soil their hands. Always give them watercolors because they are easy to wash off. Careful with crayons because of the kid’s tendency to chew upon. Drawing activities for kids encourage them to paint the world as they like. The vibrance of colors makes them happy and cheerful too.



Learning with an abacus is fun. Counting the beads develops the analytical ability of kids. It is a stress buster too. It develops strong mental and visualization skills in the kids. An abacus also improves focus and concentration in kids.

Play Doh

Play Doh
Play Doh

Play-Doh or Play Dough whatever you call it has many benefits. It develops creativity meanwhile enhancing fine motor skill too. Furthermore, it perfects eye-hand coordination. Playing with play doh clay also enhances pre-writing and social skills.

Building Blocks

Creative activities Building blocks
Building blocks

Similar to Play Dough, building blocks also develops the creative mind of the kids. Other advantages are enhancement in eye-hand coordination, sense of colors, organizing skills and fine motor skills.


Creative activities Origami

The art of Origami for kids is one of the best creativity-enhancing activities. It calms the mind and boosts concentration. Moreover, it enhances imagination power and develops color and spatial sense. Furthermore, it has the ability to remove any kind of stress.

Musical Instrument

Creative activities Musical Instrument
Girl playing guitar

The next on the list is playing any musical instrument. Music is a powerful source of creativity. Apart from the energy it can generate into one’s mind, it develops concentration too. In addition, kids are attracted to music and can easily grasp the necessary skill to play any instrument.


Creative activities Dancing
Dancing girl

The last activity on today’s list is dancing. It involves physical activity and develops flexibility. Our brain reacts to the music it follows and hence enhances body-mind coordination. Dance is a proven stress-buster too.

These are some of the many creative activities that every parent should involve their kids. So, next time you give a smartphone to your kid, just think about the benefits of the listed activities. And add to the list by commenting below.

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