Blogging challenges faced by a mother

Blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you consider doing it as a job you will definitely fail. You have to be as real as you can get, in order to keep the creative juices flowing. And it needs a clear head too. I come from a small town and dint know much about blogging until recently. My husband explained that blogging is all about your day to day experience. You just have to speak your heart out. So here I am, with blogging challenges faced by a mother.

Life as a mother

Life is very different after becoming a mother. All your priorities take a backseat. And your life revolves around your child even so that sometimes your husband gets ignored too. And there is no time to think about pursuing one’s dream and ambition.

Hats off to all the working women out there who look after their children along with their jobs.

Challenges faced

Following are the major blogging challenges faced by a mother

No time to blog

When you have to take care of your child from morning unto bed, you get no time to blog. Now you know why I post for A2Z Challenge just before the day ends.

The child wants attention

Whenever I start writing my two-year-old daughter,Kaira comes on my lap and tries to block my view of the laptop or smartphone screen. She does this just to grab my attention. Child psychology during growing ages needs to be catered to very wisely.

Cannot research competitors blog

To be successful in blogging you have to keep pace with other competitors. But with a child orbiting around you all the time you cannot focus on the research.

No time for SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is yet another important step in blogging industry. Keep on writing and nobody reads it because your article is not discover-able, this is the worst nightmare for any blogger.

Writer’s block

It is a common problem of all the bloggers and mothers also are not untouched by it. With most of the time changing diapers, feeding, bathing the baby and doing all sort of baby care routine jobs, a mental block is unavoidable.

No free mind

As I discussed already, a fresh blog comes in a free mind. Becoming a mother seldom gives you a free mind to think.

No time to sleep

While the baby is still breastfeeding, you will have sleepless nights. You never know when will the baby’s hunger will make him cry the whole night. In such a situation what will you write?

Accidental deletion

When finally you have successfully completed a blog, but somehow forget to save the draft, and suddenly, out of nowhere, your little one jumps on the keyboard. Imagine the pain of such an accidental deletion of your blog post.


I know I may be sounding a little pessimistic throughout the length of the article. But as mothers, we have to face challenges. Only a mother can understand this. However, we can keep in mind the following points to keep our passion on wheels:

Can you suggest some more points to be taken care of to remove all the blogging challenges? Feel free to comment.