9 best baby products for skin care in India

Becoming a mother is the most wonderful feeling of all. I became mother to a beautiful daughter on 19th January 2018 and we named her Kaira. The real struggle follows- “With motherhood comes great responsibilities”. Read on to find out the best baby products for skin care that I use for my daughter Kaira.

This post is about one of those many responsibilities – Baby Products

Massage oil

As recommended by pediatricians, I use Figaro olive oil for massaging my baby. It is a very light oil with a mild fragrance. It’s completely non-sticky and gets absorbed in the skin easily. In addition, it also helps in the natural glow of the body. Most importantly, it is very good for building bone and muscle strength of the baby.

Baby Body Wash

I use Sebamed Extra Soft Baby Wash. It is soft on the skin and forms a good lather. In addition, it has great cleansing capacity too. Just apply two drops on a washcloth and gently rub against your baby’s body for a clean and refreshing bath.

Baby Shampoo

I trust Himalaya Baby Shampoo for my baby because it lends softness and extra bounciness to my baby’s hair. It has a no tears feature and is perfectly suitable for infants. Furthermore, it is herbal too.

Facial Cream

This one is my absolute favorite. Hence, I highly recommend Sebamed Facial Cream because of its qualities. It helps maintain the suppleness of the baby’s skin. Perfect product for those chubby cheeks. It comes with a pump and a simple press releases enough cream for application.

Baby Body Lotion

Be it winter or summer, body lotion is a must for skincare. I use Mothercare’s Baby Lotion. This is a very light lotion with a wonderful fragrance. And therefore, it keeps the baby skin soft and moisturized.

Rich Cream

This one is another of my favorites. I use Chicco’s Rich Cream on Kaira’s face. This leaves a remarkable softness on her cheeks. I highly recommend this cream for those soft and cuddly baby cheeks.

Baby Powder

I use Johnson’s Baby Powder. Its a very fine powder. I use a puff for applying it on Kaira’s face. I use this mostly during summer.

Baby Diaper

There is a myth that we should not put diapers on small baby’s all the time. However, it’s the most essential thing if used properly. You never know when your baby might wet his/ her pants and its highly unhygienic. Therefore I recommend using diapers all the time but only after applying rash cream. I use Pampers Active Baby Diapers. I also prefer the Pampers Premium Care Pants.

Diaper Rash Cream

As told earlier, diaper hygiene is very important. I have been using Sebamed’s Rash Cream and am more than satisfied with the results. Till now Kaira has not faced any rash issues.

You can also watch the following video to know more about the 9 best baby products for skin care in India.

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