Baby Bath- 10 step easy guide

One of the major concerns of parents is bathing newborn babies. The apprehension of proper handling of newborns is always there. I wasn’t sure if I could manage that. Post-delivery, my mother used to bathe my daughter, Kaira. She is an expert and used her lap to lay Kaira on (I don’t recommend that if you are a novice). Eventually, she taught me the techniques of giving a proper bath to the baby. I will be discussing the said easy to follow 10 step guide to bathing your baby in a baby bath tub.

Step 1. Bathe the baby 1-2 hours after massage

The importance of baby massage is not unknown. However, it should be kept in mind that a proper bath is given only after one hour (minimum) of the massage. The body temperature rises after the massage. So to give a bath immediately could be harmful. Allow the blood circulation to subside and then only go for the bath.

Step 2. Remove your bangles

Ensure that you have removed all the bangles or chains you are wearing before bathing your baby. It will make sure the baby doesn’t get hurt due to scratches.

Step 3. Use a baby bath tub

I’m no expert like my mother and hence cannot bathe Kaira on my lap. I highly recommend using a baby bathtub with a baby seat. This tub is ergonomically designed for the baby and is made of anti-slip material. It has soft edges too for added safety. The baby seat is optional but in my opinion, it is the most important part of a bathtub. This is very helpful to lay the baby on especially when they haven’t started to sit.

Step 4. Use warm water for baby bath

Infants are susceptible to catching a cold very easily, as their immune system is still building. Experts recommend using warm water (32 to 37°C) for bathing newborns. My mother told me not to pour water directly on the baby’s body. Before the bath, check for the temperature yourself to be sure. The water shouldn’t be too hot or too cold in the baby bath tub.

Step 5. Use baby washclothes/ napkins

You can use a soft cotton cloth soaked in water to wipe the baby’s body. I have been using baby wash clothes or wash napkins (whatever you call them) for the purpose. These napkins are made from premium quality cotton and are very soft and gentle on baby’s skin. Soak the napkin in warm water and rinse it before wiping. Now you wipe the baby’s face in slow circular motion. Wipe the body in a similar fashion. Another benefit of using a napkin is that you can use it to clean the baby’s ears. This will eliminate any risk of water entering the ears.

Step 6. Use a baby shower cap

Wiping the body is fine. But when it comes to washing the head, you have to be extra cautious. Pouring water directly can have risks of water entering the baby’s ears. Baby shower caps come in handy for the purpose. It is made up of soft cushion material and comes with an adjustable strap. Ensure that the cap fits in properly and should not be too tight. While the baby seat, attached to the bathtub, is designed to lay the baby at an angle so as to pour water easily over the baby’s head, I would still suggest using the shower cap.

Step 7. Use baby body wash

We can use baby soap but I prefer using body wash because of the ease of using it. Just add a few drops of the body was on the baby napkin and wipe gently over the body. I have been using Sebamed’s body wash and am more than satisfied with it.

Step 8. Use mild baby shampoo

Baby shampoos come in different varieties. Be sure to select one with no tears herbal formula. I have been using Himalaya’s baby shampoo without any problem.

Step 9. Cleaning the diaper area

Diaper area of babies is the most infected part of the body. Do not start washing it at the start because it can lead to the spreading of the germs to the rest of the body. Leave the cleaning of the private parts for the last. Wipe it properly with body wash on napkin soaked in warm water.

Step 10. Wipe the body dry

After the bath, use a soft baby towel to wipe off the body clean. Be gentle in rubbing the towel on baby’s body especially in drying the hair. Wipe at all the corners and folds of the body. Ensure completely moisture-free diaper area.

Congratulations!!! Your baby is now all clean and healthy. Use recommended baby skin products after the bath. I hope I could give you some insight by giving you my mother’s 10 step guide to bathing your baby. Feel free to suggest and give your valuable opinions.