5 qualities of a good mother that get inculcated

There is nothing called as a bad mother. A mother is a mother. However, there are certain qualities that get imbibed once a woman becomes a mother. I remember when I became a mother, I was very skeptical if I was ready for it or not. It had been three years of marriage, still, I was very nervous. However, when I gave birth to my daughter, Kaira, all my anxieties and apprehensions were gone. One thing I learned is that when you really want to be a mother, all the qualities of being a good mother are inculcated in you automatically. Out of the many qualities I’ll share with you 5 qualities of a good mother that get inculcated automatically.

Let go of your short temper

Though motherhood seems to be a very fancy and romantic feeling, it can actually leave you irritable and crabby sometimes. After the child’s delivery, when our body is still adapting and changes like high/ low blood pressure, irregular menstruation, headaches, weight gain and the like, it is highly likely that one gets cranky. Even when the baby is in the growing stage, changing diapers, giving a bath to the baby, feeding, helping the baby sleep and sometimes soothing a crying baby can get you frustrated. This is the time we can lose our temper. However, when you become a mother there is no room for your snappy behavior. You will have to let go of your short temper.

Zeal to learn new things

Motherhood in itself is a learning institution. My mother imparted in me the basic knowledge of raising a child. When Kaira was born I had to take care of her all by myself. Carrying the baby in itself is a technique. Then comes breastfeeding, massaging, bathing, changing diapers, choosing the right baby products, potty training, and whatnot. All these activities we’re new to me but I managed them well. The zeal to learn new things comes naturally to a mother. See for yourself how I learned to bathe Kaira.

Physically and mentally strong

Pregnancy brings many changes in your body. And most of the time it weakens it. I had undergone a cesarean delivery. My body became very weak and it took a long time for recovery. My mother used to attend to Kaira. I thought that if I have to learn to raise my child, I will have to become healthy soon. So to raise a child you have to take care of yourself first. Eat healthily and keep your mind free of all worries. Like a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, a healthy baby is raised by a healthy mother.

Open to queries

More often than not, we get queries about proper ways to take care of our baby. Do not hesitate to ask for opinions and expert advice. Usually, our mothers are our best teachers. However, we must also consult pediatricians, read articles on the internet, watch videos for all our inquisitions. Talking to our dear ones will never harm and will always get good advice. This is one of the 5 qualities of a good mother that get inculcated in us automatically.

Becoming friends to your child

This one comes naturally to a woman. A mother is emotionally attached to her child and knows all his/ her activities. We just have to give time to our children. The child’s learning pace will accelerate if you get involved even if he/ she has not started to speak. And most importantly, involve your husband. A father’s role in raising a child is very important. This will ensure that your child never feels left out and will not resort to watching smartphones or television.

The above-discussed qualities are definitely not the only ones that get imbibed into a woman when she becomes a mother. A mother is an ocean of love and affection. I know that by discussing only the 5 qualities of a good mother, I’m not doing justice to motherhood. So I leave the house open to all. Feel free to discuss your experience with us by commenting below. Thank you all.

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